At the stay longer than 3 nigths we grant a discount of 10 %, which will be seen in the bill at the order finish.
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Ubytování ve Zlíně, Vsetíně, Vizovicích

FENG SHUI cottage is completely furnished in the style of the ancient oriental philosophy, working with energies
Standard Lux cottage is equipped with shower, toilet and sink, kitchen with sink, stove, utensils, kettle and refrigerator, shared sitting and 3 separate bedrooms (2 +2 +1, with double beds), a total of 3 rooms and 5 beds.
Standard cottage has a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, kitchenette with sink and stove, equipped with utensils and kettle, shared seating, refrigerator and 3 separate bedrooms (2 +2 +2, the beds are separate).
The original cottage is not reconstructed. It has 2 separate bedrooms (4 + 4, beds are separate)
DESNA RESORT has 30 all-year-round inhabitable wooden cottages at a total capacity of 200 persons, situated in the middle of the picturesque mountainous nature on the boundary of the Hostynske Hills and the Beskydy Mts. Most cottages underwent the total or partial reconstruction and have excellent insulation properties. All are equipped with own social amenity and fully equipped kitchenette. According to the comfort, space and equipment you can choose either an original cottage or a new, luxurious cottage so that both less and more demanding customers can be satisfied.

DESNA RESORT is ready to create for everybody the most pleasant conditions for stay. This goal is also supported by a stimulating influence of the ancient oriental philosophy of FENG SHUI that works with energies in the space – eliminates the bad ones, strengthens the positive  and learns us to discover beauty and energy around us. The restaurant in the DESNA RESORT was first one equipped in the style of FENG SHUI but in 2011 the reconstructions of cottages in the whole grounds started in the same vein. You can try now accommodation in places, where ideal conditions to find calmness and rest have been created for you.